We provide from tanneries Solofra (AV), the area of the Region of Campania is universally recognized for its high specialization in the leather sector. Subsequently treated and processed to be available for the market. The manufacturing process is carefully followed, are carried out the appropriate checks on the color, on the strength of the materials. The verification of the quality standard represents the main aspect of our production.

The skins not deemed suitable are excluded from the production process. The hides once arrived in our laboratories scripts are subjected to leak test. The staining methods are carefully executed, as well as the cutting of skins, to achieve the desired design, in respect of the craftsmanship that characterises our heads in the skin. To last in time the heads in the skin must respond to the particular conditions of seal.

The choice of the materials of quality goes to also cover the leather used for bags, belts, footwear. Even the choice of fabrics, of lane, of our collections of shirts, ties, clothing, knitwear, is accurate, precise seams. Always in respect of standards for production and quality.

Materials and standards